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The Be a Boss Club™ has all the content you need to start (or grow) quickly without struggling to figure everything out on your own

Finally, you can say GOODBYE to:

  • Looking for information in a hundred different groups or dozens of different coaching programs to get what you need

  • Wasting dozens of hours on Google and guessing about what's working NOW

  • Relying on referrals for business

  • The spray and pray approach to marketing

  • Settling for low-ticket clients

When you join the Be a Boss Club™, you'll get more (and better) clients by increasing your visibility, credibility and authority online.

It’s the easiest, fastest way to becoming an influencer (without being a movie star!)

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Be YOU, Be REAL...
Be the BOSS of Your Life

When You Create Visibility, Credibilty and Authority online, it is easier to SELL your Products and Services - That is Being a Boss

You don't have to struggle... join Be a Boss Club™ and say HELLO to...

  • Brand Clarity - build a strong brand that resonates with your ideal clients... and use it to sell anything to anyone

  • Business Confidence - stop doubting yourself and BUILD the business you want... be the BOSS you want to be

  • Serve more and sell less - learn strong sales techniques so you spend less time on calls and more time doing what you love with clients you love

  • A One-Stop Source for accurate and timely guidance

  • Effective Marketing Strategies - stop guessing about what works and KNOW that's going to build YOUR business

Who is Heather Ann Havenwood

Heather Ann Havenwood, aka 'Sexy Sales Boss' is a top authority on influencer marketing and online business strategies. She is the host of “The Uncaged Entrepreneur” show, which is on 25 Global Networks and Nationally Syndicated on 27 Radio Stations covering insights with influencers and other badass entrepreneurs, like herself.

  • Heather has built 3 million dollar knowledge-based businesses online from scratch
  • Recognized by The Stevie Awards as “The Most Innovative Woman of the Year - in Social Media for 2020”
  • Awarded “Top Media Mogul 2020” by the Woman of Achievement Association
  • Named “Top 50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs of 2017” by Huffington Post
  • Author of “Power Guesting “ (2017) and “Sexy Boss” (2014)
  • Author “Sexy Boss” (2014)

  • Scaled many online businesses from zero to millions, barely lifting a finger
  • Founded “Influencer Growth Academy”, Elite Coaching and Education for Leaders, and has shown hundreds of people how to leverage social audio to multiply their profits

Raves from Heather's Tribe!

What Others Say About Heather...

AJ Puedan

President of Success Coach Technologies

"She really is an amazing genius. What makes her an effective marketer of podcasts is that she truly understands influence and how that fits into the business model you want to accomplish."

Kelly Charles

Founder of Ladies Who Leverage

"Working with Heather has been a game changer. Instead of thinking about my Ladies Who Leverage community in a silo as one thing I do, she challenged me to look at LWL as an entire ecosystem that I needed to leverage to create the influence and impact I envisioned for LWL. That simple mindset shift has resulted in a 28% increase in my community’s membership in 2.5 months. And it’s growing everyday. So glad I listened to Heather. "

Ryan Deiss

CEO of

"I have known Heather for over two decades as Marketer, and if you are looking to get REAL Information on

how to launch, grow and scale your

knowledge based business, Heather is your business. I highly recommend working with Heather Havenwood

What You Get

Here's What's Inside the Be a Boss Club™

Storytelling Masterclass


Tell Your Story

Leverage your story and experience the easiest way to SELL

Powerful Media Kit


Expand Your Reach

Leverage your voice

for MORE visibility, credibility & authority

Webinar Mastery


Convert with Webinars

Leverage your time by selling your products & services with webinars

Reels Mastery


Craft Your Message

Create compelling short form Reels that position you as a pro in 30 seconds or less

YouTube Income Videos


Grow Organically

Leverage one of the world's most powerful search engines for more qualified leads

Offer Creation Lab


Build Compelling Offers

Craft offers that are EASY to say yes to - so you can sell to MORE of your ideal clients

Podcast Profits

Podcast Launch

Create Your Platform

Reach millions and increase your visibility by having a podcast and getting on 25 powerful networks around the globe

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Sell Profitable Products

Grow Your Revenue

Focus on the sale and let someone else deal with the delivery with affiliate marketing - it's the easiest way to take a product to market

YouTube Shorts


Craft Your Message

Create short form content that captures attention on YouTube and compels viewers to hit that share button

Speak From Stage


Unleash Your Voice

Get crystal clarity on your keynote speech so you can rock the audience and expand your reach

Offer Creation


Elevate Your Conversion

Learn Heather's secrets to closing high ticket sales and experience confidence with every engagement or call

And SO much more!

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“You’re not launching a podcast. You’re launching your voice. This is your platform and everything springboards from here.”


“She took 6 months worth of figuring out your own podcast and put it into a weekend”


"Heather goes above and beyond the value you pay for"